Easy! Smart OEM of retractable dog leashes and retractable leads available.

9 patent designs authorized!

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Swarovski Crystal retractable dog leashes

swarovski crystal diamonds retractable dog leashesCRYSTALLIZED - A crystallized retractable dog leash offers a sparkling lifestyle for dog owners and their pets. Swarovski Elements can transform the most ordinary object into something entirely beautiful and irresistible. Why not indulge yourself and your dog with the ultimate in sophistication and glamour!

DESIGN IDEAS - Sparkling ideas and creativity comes from swarovski crystal rhinestones, your pet could see the world through crystal eyes and experience the fascinating world of Swarovski crystal. Pugga Swarovski crystallized retractable dog leashes bring your dogs unique experience.

PURE ELEGENCE - Imagine the afternoon walks with Swarovski crystal retractable dog leashes. Pugga creates handmade, custom Swarovski crystal leashes for your beloved pets ...

retractable leash | retractable lead

retractable leash TUV certificateA better auto dog retractable leash or lead OEM supplier 

Pugga is a better auto retractable leash or lead supplier from China. With PUGGA retractable dog leashes or leads you will get better walking with your dog on leash. 

Pugga proposes a solution of free walking around with a better auto retractable leash for both owner and dog by means of all sizes of retractable leashes and lead, according to different size of your four-legged friend. Our retractable leash is also very helpful for dog leash training, it will be embarrassing to walk down the road being dragged along, but even worse it can be dangerous for your dog as they begin to choke, and even dangerous for yourself.

Pugga provides smart OEM service of retractable leash, retractable leads, establishing your own brand auto dog leashes.