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Why Your Dog need Walk? -10 reasons from pugga

We have many reasons to adopt a dog as our friendly pet, as a factory of retractable dog leashes, pugga’s blog found many people just consider our pet as a companion only, we didn’t think in pup’s mind. Using a pugga retractable leash helps so much on your daily walk, we also brings some reasons of why your dog should walk and keep a routine walk with dogs.

Here are the 10 reasons:

1 – daily exercise and daily walks

Just as people should do 20 minutes of cardio a day to stay fit and healthy, dogs need daily play as well as daily walks. A structured walk is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Playing indoors or in your yard is great, but not the same as an exercise routine.

2 – Socialize to be better adapted

Dogs live in a human world where they may not understand everything. A loud motorcycle can scare a dog if it goes on a walk for the first time. But if you remain calm and trust on the walk, then the dog will know that although this sound is unpleasant, it is okay and they do not need to run off.

3 - keep dogs’ sniffer in use

Dogs' noses have 40 times the power our noses do. Dogs live in a world of smells. When they sniff the ground, they are not smelling just grass, they smelled three dogs that walked there before them. They may smell a raccoon that passed there last night, or a person who smoked. Letting them stop to sniff on walks keeps their mind active and alert to what's around them. They are never bored sniffing and walking.

4 – keep dogs wee in right places

We may know dog seems to have an endless supply of wee and poo on walks. Why? The sniffing triggers the urge to show to other dogs, "Hey, I was here too!" It brings up another point of territory marking. The area they go on walks is within their range and they know where they've gone and whom they may encounter. Scent marking is not necessarily the dog staking a claim, but rather a way of saying this spot will be familiar to me in the future.

5 – release dogs’ daily stress

Your dog can get stressed. Maybe you were gone all day and he stressed you might not get back in time to feed him and let him out. Maybe a mailman came to the door to deliver a package while you were gone. Even just sitting alone while your out, whether a balanced dog or not, he can get bored, lonely, and stressed. As you know that during an exercise run all the thoughts of the day just shake off. So release that stress with a walk.

6 – quality just time to be a dog

Walks is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your pet. Though he may be interested in sniffing more than getting pet by you. He gets the exercise he needs, the sniffing time, the quality time, and the time to just be a dog. The most fun is seeing dogs walk and get excited about something he sees like a squirrel or a kid wanting to pet him - his tail wags so fast and his ears perk up. His personality really comes out on a walk. You can get a better sense of who he is, what he fears, what he likes, and his reactions.

7 - walk on commands and show leadership

Walk is also a great tool in dog training. You can also walk on commands. Using the "sit" command before crossing the street is a great command to learn. That way you don't have the struggle of holding your dog back to protect him as you look for oncoming traffic. They sit and await your "let's go" command. You build a relationship of trust and respect on walks. This is an important part of being a leader. You decide where you and your dog go on your walks and you are in command on any situation.

8 – get a schedule for walking times

Morning walks and evening walks are great - the cooler times of the day, and the time when your dog can go potty before you go out to work or start your day. The dog knows this is the time you chose. He can count on you to get his leash and take him out. This once again gains his respect and he will not bother you every moment you sit down to go out and go for a walk.

9 - a healthy weight from daily walk

Daily walks is a wonderful way for your dog, and you to maintain a healthy weight. Powerful muscles and a lean body are very attractive on a dog and you will get many complements on your companion. Who doesn't like to feel good about themselves and their friends?

10 - show off your Pup is just nice

Let people meet your pup is the better way to educate people about your dog. People will stop you all the time and ask what kind of dog you are walking. Usually they'll complement them, ask what breed, how old, etc. Getting complements is always nice.

The world outside is just great for every dog, a daily routine walk with your pet is the time to enjoy. Take your dog and retractable leash, go for it.

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