Alaskan Malamute Dog Sled Dog Sled?


The normal du phenomenon caused by fear of the dog's fi […]

The normal du phenomenon caused by fear of the dog's first bai use

It is recommended that you use P-chain tow It is best to perform traction training first! If you do the right thing, you will reward the dog food in time. If you do it wrong, use the P chain to quickly pull it back to make him feel pain in an instant. If you do it more frequently, you will know which is right and which is wrong!



As you said, the tighter you pull, the more you use counterexamples. You have to understand. After all, it is caused by the first use. On the other hand, the dog is a reverse animal. The tighter you pull, the more excited he will be and the more he will run in the opposite direction. Therefore, during training, you must quickly pull if he makes a mistake. Otherwise, just encourage him!

I randomly found a picture for you on the Internet, I suggest you buy this kind of training!

But don't think of him as a rope to tie a dog, otherwise it is easy to strangle yourself when encountering a reactionary excited dog!

Just train or go to the street and hold it!

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