Do you know how to wear a dog leash?


A dog's leash is indispensable in daily life, because n […]

A dog's leash is indispensable in daily life, because no matter how obedient the dog is. Its life will always be caught by two things. The first thing is curiosity, and the second thing is estrus. If you don’t wear a tow rope to it in these two things, then the chance of running away is almost 99% or more. It can be seen that the traction rope is very important. The other end of the traction rope is not our dog, but the life of our dog. So how should we choose the correct brand of traction rope for the  dog Leashes  and how to wear it? Woolen cloth?

First of all, let's talk about how to choose the brand of traction rope. Here we will divide it into two points to explain in detail. There are different types of adult dogs and puppies. If the family breeds small dogs, we can choose a finer traction. Rope, now walking the dog in the city, has a new rule. The distance between the head and the end of the dog leash cannot be more than one meter. First of all, we should choose a legal one.

Secondly, if your pet dog is a large breed, you should buy a special chain for a large dog online. After all, the strength of a large dog cannot be compared with a small dog, and a small dog is fine as long as the chain is beautiful and the raw materials are good. Large dogs not only require high sales, but even dog collars and dog leashes must be bought in these two places. It is not easy to break the super thick type. As for the brand, there are not too many rigid specifications, mainly depending on the high sales, good reputation, not easy to break, and strong.

Finally, let’s talk about how to wear a dog leash. It is also a standard for dogs to wear a leash. When we buy a dog leash, we can see two types. The first type is collars, and the second type is forelimb collars. Try to buy this type of dog leash for forelimbs. The first one is stronger and the second is not easy to hurt. The trachea of ​​my pet dog. If your pet dog is in the process of running and you pull back strongly, you can hurt your dog. So if you buy a forelimb buckle, you only need to put the dog’s two front paws in and put it on the neck. On the back, you can install it with a buckle. It is very simple. It takes about less than ten seconds to complete the entire process of the dog wearing the leash.

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