Do you know what to pay attention to when walking the dog?


Dogs are very likable, especially suitable for small pe […]

Dogs are very likable, especially suitable for small pets raised at home. Their temperament is very soft, and they are lively and cheerful. Both adults and children love it very much. However, when it comes to going home, whether it is a smart dog or a stupid dog, they don't like to take good care of themselves. They must be taken care of by the owner. Especially at the level of walking the dog, the pet owner must work harder. When walking a dog, you should pay attention to these four points. Most people don’t pay attention to the fourth point. When you walk a dog, which point do you not pay attention to?

The first point: no traction belt
Some pet owners feel that their dog is very gentle and will never bite. I also feel that my dog ​​listens very much to his own words. When he calls it, it will run to his side. Therefore, there is no leash for the dog. This kind of practice is not right. The dog’s heart is still wild. Besides, in case, when the dog is playing outside, who is "oppressed" and anxious, biting someone, it is still responsible for it. Its owner is you! Therefore, it is necessary to bring a leash when walking the dog.

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The second point: follow it
There are also some pet owners who feel that they have kept their dogs at home for too long. When they come out to play, they should be allowed to play happily. Therefore, when walking the dog, they follow the dog. This is also Not right. People know where is safe and where is not, but dogs don’t know. In case the dog does not pay attention and runs to the middle of the main road, at that time, do you follow him to the middle of the main road, or pull him back? Some dogs have the habit of "walking people", and it is basically not easy to listen to what their masters say, and they will even force their masters to run forward. So, when everyone is walking the dog, don't follow it.

The third point: the walking time is too long
Dogs have limited energy, and different types of dogs have different fatigue values. In the case of Fadou and Erha, adding up the fatigue values ​​of ten Fadou, it will be even better than Erha. It takes two hours, or even three hours, to walk Erha, while walking to fight will only take ten minutes. Therefore, everyone has to figure out what the fatigue value of their dog is. If you walk for an hour or two, Fadou’s physical and mental health will be problematic.

Fourth point: walking the dog in the afternoon
Many pet owners have not noticed this. Most of the pet owners feel that walking the dog in the afternoon is good for the dog to bask in the sun. The idea is good, but this approach is incorrect. The dog’s skin is very sensitive, and his skin is very worried about ultraviolet light. If you walk the dog at noon, your dog’s skin is very likely to be sunburned. Walking the dog is to train the dog so that its body becomes more and more physically and mentally healthier, not so as to harm it. Therefore, you must pay more attention when walking the dog, and keep these aspects in mind!

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