Dog's daily training


First, there should be proper exercise every day. It is […]

First, there should be proper exercise every day. It is not possible to use the will of the dog owner casually, sometimes several times a day, sometimes once every few days. The amount of exercise varies depending on the dog's breed, age and different individuals. For example, the small dogs should exercise 3 to 4 kilometers per day, while the fast hounds should run about 16 kilometers a day. Some small dogs, such as Chihuahua, Beijing dog, squirrel dog and Shih Tzu, are small because If they are allowed to walk a long way every day, they will often affect their heart due to excessive exercise, so it is enough to exercise freely at home. Some small dogs, such as the Terrier and the Mini Pinscher, have a lively personality and require more exercise than other small dogs. You should increase the amount of exercise appropriately. Some hounds, such as Afghan, etc., it is best to let it run for more than 15 minutes a day. Before outdoor traction exercise, they should be allowed to move freely for a few minutes to defecate. In the exercise, they must maintain the correct walking posture, maintain an appropriate distance from the owner, and correct the walking habit either before or after, or left or right.


Second, the dog should be brought with a leash when going out for exercise. In particular, do not neglect the loose belts on the streets of urban areas, and let them idle freely to prevent being injured or disturbed by pedestrians or fighting with other dogs, especially to prevent biting pedestrians. Tethers with dogs should not be too tight or too loose, too tight will affect breathing, too loose and easy to fall off, it is appropriate to have a certain degree of freedom.


Thirdly, the route of exercise should be changed frequently. Do not follow the same fixed route every day. During exercise, it should be prevented from sniffing the excrement or other objects left by other dogs. Put the dog in a place where people or other dogs gather to prevent the transmission of certain diseases.


Fourth, under the safe ring mirror, you can give the dog some plastic toys made of plastic, let it play freely or lead it to run.


Fifth, for working dogs such as hunting dogs or police dogs, swimming exercise in summer is a good whole-body exercise, which can make the dog's physical development well-balanced. The rapid movement and flying obstacles in the open ground can make the shoulder structure develop well, and promote the development of the chest, especially the front chest. In order to exercise the back muscles and the bounce strength of the back zone, activities such as jumping siding obstacles, high obstacles, and continuous obstacles can be performed. In order to exercise the dog's fast pace, you can carry out a bicycle rope traction exercise, combined with the movement of the curve to change the direction, you can also exercise the dog's joint softness and movement agility.


All in all, dogs have a variety of exercise forms, which can be chosen according to different purposes. Generally, playing dogs is mainly for health care exercise exercises, while service dogs need to perform special performance exercises. After the movement returned. Give the dog enough clean water to dry the body with a towel and brush off the dust. Do not feed immediately after exercise, at least 30 minutes rest quietly, otherwise vomiting is easy to occur.

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