How to deal with dog poop?


Daily care of pet dogs needs to be guaranteed. For exam […]

Daily care of pet dogs needs to be guaranteed. For example, pet dogs need to eat, drink, exercise every day, and need to urinate and defecate every day. Parents should take some time to deal with every day. Urine and feces of pet dogs. So, what should be done with dog poop?
   First of all, you can slowly train your dog to excrete in the dog toilet at home. The production of this dog toilet is relatively simple. For example, a few newspapers, a changing pad, or a professional dog toilet, etc., can all become a dog toilet.
  Secondly, when your pet dog is young, you should start to train it to excrete in a fixed dog toilet. When you go home every day, pick up the dirty newspapers or urine pads and put them in the trash can and then throw them away. If it is a professional dog toilet, clean the dog feces, and then clean the dog toilet to facilitate the dog's next excretion.
   Handling poop for pet dogs is actually very simple. Just like cleaning up the garbage at home, if the dog is walking outdoors and pooping on the main road, then the owner should use a newspaper or a poop bag to pick up the dog’s poop and throw it into the trash can. Keep it Sanitation on the road, pay attention to this kind of cleaning work is not difficult at all, as long as you remember to bring old paper to protect the poop bag when you go out.

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