How to train a dog to travel outdoors


When we go out with our pet dog, if we have not been tr […]

When we go out with our pet dog, if we have not been trained, we will often behave in chaos. Even some more mischievous dogs will show off people, I believe this is also a headache for everyone. If you want a well-behaved dog that will follow the owner and will not rush, it is the dream of every dog ​​owner, so how do you train the dog to accompany it outside?
1. Traction rope training
We usually take our dog when we go out, but many parents use it improperly. We want the dog to know where he should go. For example, on the road, because we are driving on the right, in order to prevent traffic accidents, we will let our dog walk on our right. Many dogs with leashes will also surround this mess. At this time, we should not follow the dog's temperament. Once the dog is out of the range we set, we must immediately pull the leash to prevent him from running around. After repeating the above behavior, the dog will know where he should go after a long time.
2. Reward inducement
Reward induction is our most commonly used method of training dogs. When the dog is stopped by the leash, the owner should stop at this time, and at the same time call out the dog’s name to let him know that the owner is calling him, and at this time, the owner can induce it to slowly follow the owner through rewards. Go ahead. Normally, prepare some snacks before going for a walk. If you see the dog surpassing the owner's pace, or walking around again, then let the dog sit down at this time, after he stabilizes, after patting his thigh, motioning him to walk with the owner.
3. Free to travel
When the dog can walk more skillfully and naturally at the feet of the owner, we can try to loosen the leash at this time. But remember that the leash is not fully opened, but loose. To achieve a free walking state, let the dog continue to walk with the owner. At this time, we should also pay attention to encourage him and give him snacks as a reward. Finally, slowly loosen the traction rope until it is completely loosened.
We must pay attention to that when training dogs, we must prevent beating and scolding, and more encouragement and rewards, the training effect will be more significant.

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