How to use dog walking rope to effectively train dogs?


First and foremost, walk the dog leash tightly in the r […]

First and foremost, walk the dog leash tightly in the right hand, Jing insists on proper relaxation, and the left hand holds the leash around the left waist. When walking the dog rope, it should sag slightly from the collar of the dog. The owner should always pay attention to whether the dog's position is correct and whether it is pulling the rope. Otherwise, the purpose of training will not be achieved. One of the simple mistakes made during training is that focusing on keeping the dog in the right position often tightens the rope and hardly relaxes. In this way, pressure is often applied to the dog's neck, and when it is time to correct the dog's behavior, pulling the rope is now meaningless.


In addition, when training or going out for a walk, the dog should be on the left side of the owner, and if it is not used to the left, you can also change to the right side, but you ca n’t ignore the owner ’s existence and pull the rope to run forward. . Assuming this situation, training is very necessary. The method is as follows: First of all, when the dog pulls the dog walking rope in a certain direction, he will immediately force him to walk in the opposite direction. He can turn on the way, or walk back and forth on another road. 

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Secondly, when the dog prepares to pull the rope forward, pay attention to investigate the appearance of the dog when preparing to pull the rope. When this sign appears, pull the rope backwards suddenly, strangling the dog's neck. It is very important to grasp the strength and opportunity at this moment. Suddenly put pressure on the dog's neck and then relax the rope, but be careful. Assuming that the rope on the dog's neck is always tight, the above training method is nothing. 

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