How do you get a lost dog back?


First, you have to be calm and think where your dog lik […]

First, you have to be calm and think where your dog likes to stay. You can look for it there.
Second, don't be shy. Shout its name down the road and ask people for help. Strangers may help others if you ask.
Third, make a poster with your dog's photo and message and put it on it. Remember to leave your information and people can contact you.
More importantly, never give up. Use social media to post missing news. Do your best to wait for your arrival for your dog.
How to help a missing dog find his owner?
Yes, I remember that feeling when I helped a missing dog find his owner and succeeded in finding his owner.
What can I do about this? I found a tag on his collar. I got his name and his owner's phone number. If you come across a missing dog, please give your help.
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Or you can hang a tag with your dog. It also works. does it help? Share your opinion here.

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