How to choose a pet leash?


There are actually many types of pet leashes on the mar […]

There are actually many types of pet leashes on the market. For example, for this type of collar, its material can be divided into many kinds, such as leather, plastic, and some cotton or synthetic. Different materials, if you want to say that the best material for dogs, you still have to choose cortex, because the use time of this kind will be longer, and, after the dog with this cortex is used for a long time, it will feel Softer and more willful. The following pet automatic retractable leash, dog walking leash and pet leash manufacturers will talk about how to choose a pet leash?
When choosing a pet leash for a dog, you can choose an evolved version of the chest harness. Compared with a simple collar, this pet leash will have more advantages, especially in some large and medium-sized dogs. For dogs, it will be more effective to use such a pet leash, because it is not only on the dog's neck, but also builds a bracket on its chest, so that the dog can be held more obediently, preventing Dogs fight off because of strenuous activity.
In short, when dogs go out, owners still use such pet leash, so that they can control the dog and prevent the dog from attacking others, and it is better to choose a pet leash or choose the one that suits your dog. .
1. The collar should be properly tight. When starting to use, it is advisable to put your fingers in but not unfasten it and not take it off directly from the neck. After using it for a period of time, the owner can properly loosen the collar after learning to use the pet's automatic retractable leash to control the dog's behavior, and it is advisable to take it directly without unbuttoning it.
2. In the process of normal walking, the pet's automatic retractable leash should come out of the dog collar and sag slightly, and only keep it in a relaxed state. In this way, in the event of an emergency, it is possible for the dog to distinguish the difference by pulling the pet's automatic retractable leash. Don't keep the rope tight all the time, because this way, even if the dog needs to pull the rope tight, it will be difficult for the dog to tell the difference.
3. Do not use the pet's automatic retractable leash at home, only use it when walking. It is necessary to keep the dog in a relaxed state of mind on weekdays, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of the dog, and also prevents the long-term use of the pet's automatic retractable leash to cause the hair to become knotted.

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