How to deodorize cat litter?


The litter box needs to be pet cleaning regularly, othe […]

The litter box needs to be pet cleaning regularly, otherwise the cat's stinky poo and urine will fill the entire home with foul odors. Of course, pet cleaning is only one step. In order to eliminate the odor, many friends who have cats will also use cat litter deodorant to solve this problem.
In order to clean the cat litter box, the owner will first prepare a cat litter shovel, and then clean the cat litter box according to the cat's excrement. Generally, the cat litter box needs to be cleaned twice a day. It is worth noting that the cat litter box is generally cleaned thoroughly every two weeks, and the cat litter box is diluted with disinfectant to better ensure the hygiene of the cat litter box. bathroom.
For the deodorization of cat litter boxes, pet cleaning suppliers have improved a variety of deodorants for owners to choose from, such as pet silver particle disinfection and deodorant sprays, which use a combination of biological enzymes and plant extracts through a combination of scientific processes and ion exchange. The dual action of force and oxygen reduction strongly decomposes odors, odors and bacteria, transforms organic matter into benign cells and odorless carbon dioxide and water, and completely eliminates the source of odors. At the same time, the use of natural beneficial microorganisms to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria has achieved a better purification effect.

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