How to properly put a leash on a dog?


In fact, most dogs are disgusted with dog Leashes and c […]

In fact, most dogs are disgusted with dog Leashes and collars. They will always feel uncomfortable when the collars are placed around their necks, and the collars cannot be evenly stressed. If the dog is walking, suddenly Dash forward and the collar can easily pinch their necks and hurt them. If you wear a collar-type pet leash for a long time, it is easy for the collar to rub against the dog's neck for a long time, resulting in hair loss or even injury in this part. Therefore, when purchasing a pet leash style, it is recommended to choose a shoulder-back leash with relatively uniform force.
Before using the pet leash, it is necessary to train the dog to be familiar with it, so that the dog is used to the feeling of wearing the pet leash, and the owner needs to know how to use the pet leash to limit the dog's movement without hurting them.
 Remember to adjust the tightness every time you wear a pet leash, neither too loose nor too tight, too loose, the dog will easily break free, too tight will cause discomfort to the dog, thus rejecting the wearing of the pet leash.
It is a very bad habit for the dog to run in front and you to chase after you. If it is a large dog, it is easy to fall, especially on the side of the road, which is very dangerous! This requires training to let your dog know that you should follow you when walking, not in front, and it can easily stop some unexpected situations and bad behavior of the dog.
It is easy for most parents to ignore this problem. It is important to know that unclean leashes can easily lead to skin problems for some dogs. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean or replace pet leashes regularly.

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