My dog ​​doesn't want to bring a pet leash, what should I do?


First of all, you should slowly cultivate the habit of […]

First of all, you should slowly cultivate the habit of wearing a collar when your puppy comes home. You can usually buy some collars that are suitable for dogs, so that they can slowly feel the feeling of wearing a collar. When the pet dog is used to wearing the collar, you can tie it with a pet leash and leash it when going out, and let the pet dog slowly get used to being pulled and tugged.
Of course, if the pet dog is unwilling to wear a dog leashes, then the owner should not force the dog too hard, and should give it more time to slowly adapt to wearing the pet leash.
When choosing a pet leash for a dog, you can choose an evolved version of the chest harness. Compared with a simple collar, this pet leash will have more advantages, especially in some large and medium-sized dogs. For dogs, it would be more effective to use such a pet leash, because it is not only on the dog's neck, but also builds a bracket on its chest, so that the dog can be held more obediently, preventing Dogs struggle to get off due to strenuous activity.
In short, when dogs go out, owners still use such pet leash, so that they can control the dog and prevent the dog from attacking others. It is better to choose a pet leash or choose the one that suits your dog. .
Of course, if you take your dog out for a walk every day, you must choose a beautiful pet leash for your dog. The pet leash is generally divided into two categories: chest-back type and collar type. If you're concerned that using a collar-style leash for your puppy will make him uncomfortable, you can also put your dog on a chest-and-back leash. We generally believe that a collared leash provides better control for your dog. When going out for a walk, there is little difference between choosing a chest-back type and a collar type traction rope.
No matter what kind of leash you use for your dog, you should choose the right model. A properly sized leash allows you to place a finger in the leash after the leash is fastened. When a dog uses a pet leash that is too large, on the one hand, the dog can easily break free. On the other hand, under the action of the dog's forward momentum, the loose leash will cause the dog's body to be instantly stressed. Larger dogs use smaller and thinner pet leashes, which can make the dog uncomfortable and even affect breathing.

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