Proper use of a retractable dog leash?


The retractable dog leash is a very good product. It in […]

The retractable dog leash is a very good product. It increases the dog's range of motion and the dog's athleticism over standard leash. With the owner's own walking mileage remaining the same, the dog's activity mileage may increase 2 or 3 times. But the better the product, you have to learn to use it properly. Improper use puts dogs, people and other animals in a dangerous environment.
1. It is best to be able to train your pet before using a retractable dog leash. These trainings include:
Sudden Sprint Control: Without violence, the dog can move around the owner clearly and unambiguously before the owner provides the relevant order. This training is essential if your dog is a sighing or sporting dog with a strong desire to chase.
Desensitize the dog to the leash on the retractable leash: This training is primarily intended to prevent you from accidentally dropping the leash on the retractable leash on the ground. Dogs won't be frightened by sudden noises, let alone because the leash box is always behind you. If the dog doesn't do this kind of training, it's very dangerous when it finds out that this inexplicable thing will follow it while it's running, and the dog will instinctively run faster.
2. Pay attention to environmental controls, stop paying attention to the dog just because it can move freely.
Retractable dog leashes are a great tool when the environment is in place and there are no potential threats. If you're in a park, out in the wild, or in certain areas with some pedestrians, you can leave your dog free to enjoy the forward freedom and retreat that comes with a retractable dog leash. When you move your dog around, whether you're using a retractable dog leash or a standard 6-foot leash, your attention must be on the dog, like a child just learning to get out. You must always be aware of the possibility that your dog may pick up litter on the ground, and be aware of children, bicycles, runners, roller skates, and other animals in your surroundings.
3. Don't let kids run the dog on a retractable leash, especially if the dog isn't pulse-controlled trained. The child's strength is not enough, which will be dangerous to the ends of the retractable dog leash.
4. Retractable dog leashes are best used with chest straps, not with P-chains or any collars that will control the force on the dog's head and neck. Otherwise, while running at full speed, these dogs may come to a sudden stop as the rope ends and cause neck, head and sports contact injuries. During use, learn to drag to the end before it recalls the dog, and slowly train to full speed on the rope once it has developed the habit of slowly training.
5. Some places are definitely not suitable for retractable dogs, including city streets, parking lots, veterinary hospitals, dog parties or large parades. When two or more dogs meet using a retractable leash, don't let them play, even if they are very familiar or friendly with each other.
6. When walking, if you notice someone or a dog is very interested in your dog and wants to come over to say hello, then turn on the switch first, keeping the length about 6 feet. This is the optimal distance where the owner can control the dog to prevent the dog from making contact with strange animal reflexes and can control its movement.
7. When using a retractable dog leash, always keep your hand on the plastic handle at the end of the leash box. Do not touch the rope directly with your hands, or control the length by pulling on the rope with your hands. If the dog is running fast at this point, the rope sliding across the skin at high speed can give you a very painful experience.

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