What are the benefits of harnesses for dogs?


The advantage of dog Leashes is a larger area of ​​forc […]

The advantage of dog Leashes is a larger area of ​​force compared to other types of leash. When the owner pulls, the applied force can be distributed evenly across the dog's chest and abdomen. Another reason is that many people in cities now have small dogs, and traditional collars can cause harm to some dogs, such as Chihuahuas or other small breeds
1. Try to choose a Y-shaped chest strap for your dog
There are many styles of Dog Running Leash on the market today. Try to choose Y-shaped products. The Y-shaped chest puts less pressure on the dog and does not strangle the neck as often, causing difficulty breathing. When shopping, you should wear it to see if it fits your dog's size. If it is too loose or too tight, it needs to be replaced.
2. The harness will not affect the dog's shoulder blades
If the seat belt is too tight, it will clamp the dog's shoulder blades, making it difficult for the dog to move, and the shoulders will be very tight for a long time. The body structure of dogs is different from that of humans. The human upper body is connected by the humerus, scapula, clavicle and the entire torso. Dogs don't have a collarbone part, so the dog's front legs have a greater range of motion. The muscles around the dog's shoulders are also tight. If the dog's shoulder blades are blocked by the chest strap, it will affect the movement of its shoulders, which will cause the dog's front feet to always recede, and the dog's posture will be uncoordinated when walking, and it will even become awkward. However, if the owner chooses a seat belt that can cover the shoulders, its explosion-proof effect will be better, but for the health of the dog, it is not recommended to choose this type.
3. Don’t let the seat belt get stuck under the dog’s armpit
A dog's armpit is a sensitive and delicate place. Some dogs have seat belts that get stuck in their armpits, making it difficult for them to move. If the owner is not careful, rubbing for a long time can also lead to underarm hair loss. In the long run, it may cause the dog's underarm skin to become sick, not only damage the dog's health, but also cost a fortune to treat.

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