What are the benefits of retractable dog leashes?


As a leading China Retractable Dog Leashes Suppliers an […]

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OUTDOOR TRAINING RUNNING WALKING NYLON AUTOMATIC RETRACTABLE DOG LEASHS is one retractable leash that can be easily retracted by your dog. This retractable leash is great for walks and is a good choice for medium-sized dogs. The retracting feature will make it easier for you to manage your dog's behavior when walking, and you won't have to worry about your dog pulling you when you're walking him or her.
Retractable dog Leash suppliers the largest selection of dog collars and leashes. Retractable dog leashes are easy to use. They allow well-behaved dogs to roam freely and have more access to a wider pool of smells. However, they have some drawbacks. Many retractable leashes malfunction over time. Some retractable dog leashes have even been known to cause injuries.
While retractable dog leashes are great for small dogs, they are not great for large dogs. Always wear your dog's leash and identification tags. And remember to always keep your pet on the right side of the sidewalk.

• SECURE-SAFE BRAKE & LOCK SYSTEM: Reliable lock button makes the lead freely retract and extend, simply brake and lock whenever and wherever you need, giving you fully control and guaranteeing the safety of your lovely dog and yourself.
• STRONG & DURABLE MATERIALS: All made of premium material, ABS plastic casing, 100% nylon rope and nickel snap hook to ensure excellent impact resistance.
• COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC GRIP: Ergonomic and anti-slip, the handle is easy to grip and safe enough even when your dog is pulling and running.
• FIT FOR MOST DOGS: For any types of dog with up to 40kg/88lbs in weight, this lead is suitable for powerful large dogs, medium sized and small sized dogs

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