Keeping pets without walking dogs and puppies will have these 5 injuries


Keeping a pet must also ensure that the puppy has the n […]

Keeping a pet must also ensure that the puppy has the necessary exercise intensity every day, and take the puppy out for a stroll. However, in many cases, some dog lovers are not allowed to walk their cats and dogs on time due to their food, shelter, transportation and work. There are also some people who are so lazy, and then keep the puppies in the room for a long time without taking them out for a stroll. It is very easy to cause the following types of damage to the puppies.

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1. Bone hyperplasia is getting looser
Walking the cat and the dog on time will give the puppy's body exercise. Frequent sun exposure will also promote the digestion and absorption of calcium nutrients in the mouse's body. If you don't take the puppy out often, the puppy will develop osteoporosis. At that time, it will make people feel that it is very strenuous.

2. It is very easy to gain weight
Nowadays, the quality of the diet of many small pets has been greatly improved. In addition to exclusive dog food, some pet owners will also feed snacks, vegetables and fruits. But if the puppy does not have sufficient exercise intensity, it will gain weight in the long run. The host must not feel that the puppies gaining weight are very flattering, it will have a great harm to their physical and mental health, and it is very easy to cause various diseases.

3. Low immunity
Do not breathe in the fresh air. The mood of the puppy who stays in the room all day long will undoubtedly be worse, and lack of fitness exercises. There is no doubt that the physique is not easy to get better, and even the immunity will be reduced. It's easy to get sick, and it takes a lot of time and money to get sick. Therefore, if you don't walk your cat or dog on time, you will be at your own risk.

4. Temperament is becoming more and more extreme
A puppy that can't vent its vitality according to fitness exercises will move towards two extremes. One is getting more and more lazy, always wanting to sleep, but can't shout, and wants to disturb it to fall asleep, and may bite you; In addition, I am more and more enthusiastic about demolition of the house, so I can't come out for themed activities, only to vent my vitality at home based on the biting objects.

5. Hair is not smooth
Do you think that a puppy that can't walk around will become a "depressed little prince". No, if the puppy's hair is not attacked by the sun, and there is no happy mood to grow and develop, the nature will become more and more matte and bleak. And if you don’t walk your cats and dogs on time, your dog’s mood is also very prone to depression, and the lack of mental strength and the non-smooth surface will only be "unruffled master".

Therefore, the host family should take the puppy for a stroll, so that it can maintain a happy mood and have sufficient exercise intensity to ensure the physical and mental health of the human body. It is also necessary for the puppy to choose this kind of "natural dog food for gluttonous outside focus and tenderness". It is a high-quality dog ​​food with rich nutrients, deep-sea fish oil, and beautiful hair to remove tears. Whether in the room or outdoors, during training and interactive communication, it is possible to moderately reward the puppy with certain small snacks that can exceed the actual effect. Therefore, I strongly recommend this "glutinous chicken breast meat", namely Healthy and nutritious dog treats that can train and grind teeth to remove bad breath.

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