Six common dog walking problems that damage your dog


I saw a news report last night, saying that a pregnant […]

I saw a news report last night, saying that a pregnant dog went out for a walk and gave birth early. As a result, all four of them were still fetuses, and the heart hurt for a long time. Everyone knows to walk a dog, but do you know what to pay attention to when walking a dog? Today, I’m going to be a web editor to talk to everyone about common dog-walking problems.

1. Dogs who are less than three months old don't have to slip
Many people think that a dog born soon can take it out for a full month to relax and let the wind open. But it is not clear that dogs under three months of age cannot be taken out for wandering around. At this time, the dog's pre-inoculation has not been hit, and the resistance ability is poor. It is inevitable that it will come into contact with other dogs when taken out, and the puppies are very easy to get sick or get sick during the whole process of touching.

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2. Don't let the dog slip by itself
In that way, there are many hosts. They feel that it is honing the dog’s intelligence and the development of this society. The scary thing is that usually such owners will continue to feel that it is the best thing for dogs to walk themselves. Show off. Letting the dog walk itself is equivalent to letting a two or three-year-old child deal with the complicated world alone. Perhaps these big city "hunters" have already pinched the poisonous sausage to see your dog. If the dog doesn't lose it, then it would be great Up.

3. When entering the expectant dog and the old dog, you must slip properly
Dogs entering middle-aged or expecting labor have limited energy and are suitable for recuperation. They should not walk for a long time or run for too long. Elderly dogs due to the decline of body function, excessive exercise will cause myocardial hypoxia; and the long-term fitness exercises of the expectant dogs will cause the abortion of the miscarriage or premature babies. These two categories of dogs should reduce the dog walking time and take a stroll to dominate.

4. The sun is shining, so you don’t have to slip as much
Many cat slaves like to go shopping while walking the dog, and they suddenly go to eat a meal, do nail art, and cut their heads. When they encounter a store that does not allow dogs to enter, they decisively leash their dogs outside the store and remain indifferent. , But it is not clear that the average temperature is very likely to cause a dog to be in the middle of the dog.

The average temperature here not only refers to the weather temperature, but to feel the ground temperature to avoid burns on the dog's feet or the central office. In the case of shopping with dogs, we must prevent going out at the hottest time, and choose a time when the average temperature is relatively low as much as possible.

5. Don't walk a lot suddenly
Salaried workers who are usually very busy at get off work will be so tired that they just want to paralyze on the sofa after work, and they have the strength to walk their dogs everywhere. Coming to Sunday to think about it, I am really sorry for the dog, so I let it go for a walk. Many of these sudden fitness exercises will cause a very large burden on the dog, and cause more serious damage to its cardiovascular, spine, and joints. You must walk the dog from shallow to deep, not without any skill

6. There is no need to walk the dog as an acrobatic performance
To what level a person can be lazy, he finally took the dog out for a trip, but was reluctant to accompany the dog for a walk. Riding and walking the dog on the bike, more and more people are walking out on the electric balance bike.

There is also walking the dog in order to exercise the dog’s body. We can train the dog to do a number of postures while walking the dog. During training, we can give some refreshing snacks such as chicken jerky to eat. Dogs can train more seriously.

In addition to being able to take it out for walking the dog, you must also pay attention to its dietary status. At the level of dietary coordination, you must ensure physical and mental health. Dietary coordination is a key element to ensure a dog's physical and mental health. It is best to give it to the dog. Choose a high-quality fresh pork dog food, such as "Non-Greasy Natural Dog Food", choose chicken breast, beef, and mutton, which contains very high meat content and is more in line with the taste of dogs. And it contains a variety of trace elements such as protein, and the nutrition is balanced. The usual pet owners can match some fresh vegetables and fruits, and the nutrients will be more balanced!

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