Suitable length of pet leash


For now, the length of the pet leash will not be too lo […]

For now, the length of the pet leash will not be too long. Why do you say that? Let’s take a look with the pet’s automatic retractable leash, dog walking, and pet leash! This not only allows the dog to have a more comfortable movement space, but also avoids some health problems caused by the lack of exercise.

In fact, if the road is relatively empty and there are no cars, people or other dogs, there is nothing wrong with extending the towing rope properly so that the dogs can have more room for movement. However, in most cases, there are more vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Therefore, although a too long tow rope can provide a dog with more space for movement, once the dog walks farther, we can stop some behaviors of the dog. 

Just like the dogs that have been moving around us, we can find out whether they have swallowed foreign objects, and at the same time, we can pull the pet leash in time to prevent this behavior.

But once the pet leash is too long, we must have a process of pulling the situation. This period of time may have been enough for the dog to swallow the foreign body, and it will be too late to stop it at the time.

So the main point is that the length of the pet leash is not as long as possible. Within our controllable range, we can appropriately add the following pet leash. But it is still necessary to ensure that we can stop certain behaviors of dogs in time when pulling. This is also a maintenance that can be done for the dogs.

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