Ten basic movements for dog training


Dogs are our most loyal companions to humans. They need […]

Dogs are our most loyal companions to humans. They need them to help us in some of our specific working environments. So what are the most basic movements they learn during training?
1, stand up.
This word does not require deliberate training. What we need to train is to maintain standing time and posture.
2, sit down.
When training the dog to sit down with this instruction, we can hold the dog’s ass with our hands to make him do it well. Note here that the hand is facing the dog while holding the dog. At the same time, the "sit" command must be issued to the dog. When the entire training is completed, you need to keep the dog in this position for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then the training is over.
3, lie down.
When training this password, the dog needs to be on all fours and have good combat power. When we issued the command "lying", we pressed the dog's back with our hands to give a certain amount of strength to let the dog lie on the ground. The same position needs to be maintained for 10 to 15 seconds.
4, get down.
Lie down and lying down are similar, the only difference is that after lying down is a static motion, and after lying down, there will be instructions for the next step.
5, let go.
The purpose of this training is to allow the dog to follow the trainer's arrangements after getting the things and put them down in the designated position.
6, shake hands
When shaking hands, we need to hold the dog's fore palms first. Then make it stand, and use the other hand to hold the dog's. Shake the right front palm up and down gently. In the process of carrying out this series of actions, he must be given a password for a handshake. And let the dog hold for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then let go.
7, don't move
This training is consistent with combat power. We must keep the dog in a standard standing posture and standing time when stationary.
8, Zuoyi
When training this movement, the first half is the same as the first half of the handshake training. Two hands are used to pull out the dog’s two forelimbs, pull the dog up and stand upright, and then put the dog’s two front paws together. Shake up and down. At the same time, the password "Worship" is issued. The duration is the same as the previous training.
9, make a circle
This training requires the trainer to pull up the dog’s front legs first, and let the dog’s hind legs touch the ground and use them. When letting go and turning alternately, the dog can turn around in circles. And give the dog a "turn" password. Then hold the two fronts of the dog with one hand and continue to make a circle until the dog can make a circle autonomously under a slight push.
10, roll over
The trainer can use his hand to hold the dog's back and order it to lie down, and then use the other hand to support the dog's belly and roll the dog slightly. Afterwards, let the dog lie on the ground or stand on all fours. At the same time, he gave him the password "Go away". There is no clear limit on holding time and laps until the dog needs to be proficient in this movement.

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