The characteristics of strap traction rope and collar traction rope


1. Collared traction dog Leashes This kind of traction […]

1. Collared traction dog Leashes
This kind of traction rope is the most common and the most common type. Based on its different materials, it is divided into many types. The common ones are leather, plastic, or some large dogs will also wear other synthetic materials. More solid.

Large dogs are suitable for sling-type leashes, but overall, for ordinary pet dogs, leather collars are the most suitable, because they are soft and will not cause harm to the dog even if it is carried for a long time. It is recommended Dear friends, try to choose leather material when choosing. Although it may be more expensive, the leather material has better air permeability, and the collar is used against the dog's skin. The leather material will make it feel more comfortable.

2. strap traction rope
If you feel that the collar will cause a certain amount of damage to the dog’s neck, then the harness-type leash is more suitable for you. Compared with ordinary collars, the harness-type leash will have more advantages for large dogs, because it can not only Fixing the dog’s neck will also create a stable support on the dog’s chest. This will make it easier for the owner to control the dog. This kind of leash is not easy to break away, but in summer, the strap-type leash is not It is recommended to choose it, because it has too much contact with the skin and can easily cause skin inflammation at high temperatures.

Generally speaking, the two kinds of traction ropes we have introduced above are the most common. You can choose according to the actual situation. It should be noted that when choosing a traction rope, in addition to personal preference, you should also consider the dog. Feelings.

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