The importance and choice of dog leash


Walking the dog elegantly, the dog should walk by your […]

Walking the dog elegantly, the dog should walk by your side, and the leash is always slack.

Under what circumstances can the dog’s rope be loosened: Let’s take a look with the pet’s automatic retractable leash, dog leash, and pet leash

Confess that there is no problem with the surrounding environment, there will not be many fast-moving cars or many pedestrians

Confess that the dog should return to you normally without a rope

Confess that the surrounding dogs will not harm your puppy

Living in the living environment of humans, dogs will have great discomfort with them. They need our careful care, especially our traffic rules. It is difficult for dogs to understand, so we need us to help them. To ensure their safety.

Our master must realize the importance of towing rope. It is difficult for people who have never had a pet to understand the urgency of the owner losing his beloved dog, because for the owner, the dog is already an important member of the family and has become a part of his own life. Once the dog leaves the owner's range, the outside world is actually very dangerous for them. In addition to the above-mentioned dog meat lovers, there are also many dog ​​dealers who will catch some wandering dogs everywhere, and send them to the slaughterhouse to make a table on the table. The capture method is very cruel, and the use of narcotics is heavy. They are beaten to death with sticks, these are things that our dog owners don't want to see.

Many owners are kind, thinking that putting a leash on the dog will restrain the dog's freedom and make the dog feel unhappy. As everyone knows, not wearing a leash to the dog will bring more unsafe factors. Therefore, when going out, our owner must put on a leash for the beloved dog. It is not only responsible for the dog's safety, but also for the lives of others. It is important to know that there are not a few dogs who die in car accidents every year because they do not have a leash. If a dog bites a pedestrian, the owner will suffer economic losses.

Our owner is not willing to see a dog getting lost and getting an accident, so please remember to tie a leash to the dog when you are outside. Don't feel troublesome, and don't think that the dog is very well-behaved, obedient and will not have trouble. A careless one may lose our beloved dog.

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