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Most cat slaves have this kind of mental state when wal […]

Most cat slaves have this kind of mental state when walking their cats and dogs:

The puppy understands the community environment well and is not easy to get lost

It's not long, it's not far away, it's okay

Many people didn’t tie the ropes and there was no accident.

Puppy is obedient, not easy to bite

Therefore, cat slaves do not like to tie cats to cats because of their laziness in action and mental state. But I don't know that a minute of laziness of the owner will likely cause the puppy to lose, get sick, become disabled, or even lose his life. The dog owner spends a lot of energy, time, and money to make up for it. Temporary paralysis may often lead to irresistible pain and adverse effects.

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1. Avoid losing the puppy
One of the most important functions of the leash is to be able to manipulate the puppy anytime and anywhere to prevent cats from getting lost. Especially in areas where there are a lot of people or are unfamiliar, this type of situation is more likely to occur. Many dog ​​owners are likely to take their puppies for a walk in the wild due to the good weather. In such situations, it is very likely that cat slaves would not notice when chatting with others, and there are countless cases of negligence causing dogs to get lost. In addition, they are not often found in the past, which also makes pet dogs and themselves deeply trapped. The situation of helplessness.

2. Avoid accidents
Guo Ma had seen a small dog killed after being hit by a battery car before, and the cat slave was very sad. Because the cat slave did not attach a leash to the cat, the puppies were too excited to rush forward when they were out. As a result, he was hit by a battery car in the car and injured. Although he was immediately sent to the hospital outpatient service, he died in the end. The news report I saw today is also that if the puppy was tied to a leash, this kind of misfortune could be reduced and prevented.

3. Maintain the safety of others
In some cases, cats may be outside because they feel that other puppies have infringed on their land, or because they like the same little bitch, etc., the situation is especially frequent. Some people bite anxiously for a while and blame others. In such situations, immediately open the pet dog to avoid hurting other people immediately.

4. Avoid similar love and killing in the middle
Walking cats and dogs in the same residential area, many owners and puppies know each other, and the puppies who know each other are very easy to get in touch with each other, but once new residents move in, they will find out some unfamiliar little ones. Dogs are likely to arouse the puppies' national conception, which is very easy to cause puppies to compete, tear, and fight. If cat slaves tie a leash to the cat, they can reasonably manipulate the dog's personal behavior and reduce the occurrence of such things.

5. Avoid mutual contamination, poisoning by swallowing
Cats always like to run into the grass. The property management regularly sprays insecticides, although it is of low toxicity, to small ants, bugs, and mosquitoes. Generally, it is not very harmful to the puppies. However, if the puppies eat too much flowers and plants, There is also a probability of being poisoned.

Many puppies like to tumbling and running wildly on the lawn, it is very easy to be stained with grass clippings, dust, other puppies feces, and may even feel schizocephala and skin diseases. If the puppy touches other cats suffering from infectious diseases, it is very easy to contaminate each other, and even seriously endanger their lives when it is more serious.

Mouse medicine is often placed in a small area, and the leash can be reasonably prevented from eating by the dog. Prevents irreparable results after taking mouse medicine.

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