What are the advantages and disadvantages of a retractable dog leash


The dog leash is retractable and can control the length […]

The dog leash is retractable and can control the length of the dog leash. Its advantages are that the length is controllable, the grip feels good, and it can be used with any type of collar. However, it also has a higher price and lower control of the dog. There are certain safety hazards. Whether you want to buy it depends on actual needs. Generally, retractable dog leashes are mainly suitable for walking the dog or riding the dog in an open, safe place with few people. In addition, the dog should be temporarily restricted. It is also possible to use a retractable dog leash as a temporary P leash for dogs.
 Is it necessary to buy a retractable dog leash?
The dog leash is also called the dog leash. It is a common dog leash. It can be divided into two types according to whether it is flexible or not. Is the retractable leash good?
1. The advantages of retractable dog leash
(1) The length can be controlled at will. Most of the telescopic traction ropes are 3~5 meters long, which can be adjusted in different scenes, and can be stowed when not in use, so they do not take up space.
(2) The grip is good. The rope body of several meters is wrapped in the retractable retractor. The well-designed grip is very comfortable to hold on the hand. It feels that it can hold the dog firmly, and the sense of peace of mind is immediately improved.
(3) It can be matched with any type of collar. The sturdy metal buckle can be buckled up. Any collar can be matched. You can buy multiple collars for your dog to wear.
2. Disadvantages of retractable dog leash
(1) The retractable traction rope has higher requirements for mechanical structure design, and the braking device requires precision. At present, there are not many brands with guaranteed quality to choose from, and the price is more expensive than ordinary traction ropes.
(2) The control of the dog is reduced. The dog finds that as long as it pulls forward a few times, the rope will relax longer and let it go forward, so every time it finds a place that it wants to smell, it will use force Pull to reduce control.
(3) When entering a crowded and noisy place, use a retractable dog leash. If the dog leash is lengthened, it may cause the dog leash to trip over others, or the embarrassing situation of several dog leashes entangled together.
In general, the retractable dog leash has advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you can choose according to actual needs. For example, when you often walk your dog in an open place, you can consider using a retractable dog leash.

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