What are the advantages of walking the dog leash


1. Effectively prevent the dog from getting lost, and b […]

1. Effectively prevent the dog from getting lost, and be able to leave his phone on the collar for backup

2. Evacuate the dog in time. It is easy to run blindly when the dog is frightened.

3. Control dogs not to touch dangerous and unsanitary items

4. Avoid conflicts between dogs, other dogs may be injured

5. Avoid dogs that you don't like, and pedestrians who are horrified by dogs, pose a risk to dogs and affect the lives of others.

6. The embodiment of civility and politeness of dog owners

One detail you need to pay attention to:

If you find that the dog is pulling the dog's leash tightly every time, then you need to practice the dog's leash. The specific practice method can be found in the bottom menu of the public number.

Walk the dog elegantly, the dog should walk by your side, the leash is always slack.

Under what circumstances can the dog's rope be loosened:

Acknowledge that there is no problem with the surrounding environment, there will not be many fast moving cars, perhaps many pedestrians

Acknowledge that the dog should return to you normally without a rope

Acknowledge that the surrounding dogs will not damage your puppy

In the living environment of human beings, dogs will have great discomfort with them. They need our serious care, especially our traffic rules, etc. It is difficult for dogs to understand, so we need to help them. To ensure their safety.

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