What are the benefits of using a retractable dog leash for dogs going out


The retractable dog leash used for dogs to go out has t […]

The retractable dog leash used for dogs to go out has the following advantages:  
1. The telescopic traction rope gives the dog a larger range of activities. I don't have to follow the dog's ass as before. When he thinks of smelling something on the grass, I used to drag it back or follow it to the grass by myself. I'm fine now, just let it go. I can stand outside the grass, and I don't have to worry about being bitten on my legs when standing in the grass. Dogs can also do investigations in the grass with great effort, killing two birds with one stone.    
2. Do not let go of the traction rope, which reduces the possibility of running and losing the dog. Sometimes we will loosen the leash in order to let the dog play freely. This is of course very dangerous, but it is inevitable that we will do this occasionally and let the dog drag the rope for a while. Because of the large handle of this kind of retractable traction rope, you must not let the dog drag it away (it will break if you hit it on the ground a few times, even if it is not too troublesome to drag a big thing, you still feel sorry for your money. Woolen cloth). What's more, it has allowed the dog to move relatively freely, so there is no need to let go, and the dog has no possibility of running away.    
3. The small mechanism on the handle is quite easy to use: the length of the telescopic rope can be adjusted at will and locked in a certain position, so that when you need to control the dog at close range, it is much better than the original fixed-length telescopic rope. You don't need to wrap the rope several times around your hand, and your hand hurts. You only need to shorten the rope to the length you want, and press the small mechanism to ok.   

Finally, I would like to remind you that you must be fully alert when using the telescopic rope. Long ropes bring certain dangers to the dog. You must find out the situation before the dog, and then quickly get to the dog’s side and press the handle at the same time. Control the dogs well in order to prevent accidents.

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