What are the main advantages and disadvantages of pet collars


For a long time, dog poop shovel officers hope to find […]

For a long time, dog poop shovel officers hope to find a dog walking equipment suitable for their pets. It has a high value, which allows the master to be completely overwhelmed by its value when using it. It is so comfortable and durable that the dog can't be hurt or rid of it even if it is pulled or pulled. Except that the collar is a chest strap, we widely use dog cover devices.
1. Iron chain collar
Advantages: quite sturdy, very suitable for large dogs with large body and strength, because the iron chain is very thin and can be hidden in the dog's hair, which does not look obvious and does not affect the appearance.
Defects: The appearance is too strong, not as cute as nylon or leather collars.
2. Nylon collar
Advantages: The material of the nylon collar is relatively light, not as heavy as the leather. It is heavy on the dog’s neck, bright in color, and has many beautiful styles. Another advantage is that it is easy to clean.
Defect: Because it is made of nylon, it is easy to generate static electricity when the dog is wearing it.
3. Leather collar
Advantages: It can be worn on the dog’s neck very well, and the dog will feel very comfortable.
Defects: Because the area of ​​contact with the dog’s neck is relatively large, for dogs with long hair that is easy to knot, it will cause the adhesion of the part of the dog’s neck.
4. Columnar leather dog collar
Advantages: Overcomes the defect of the leather collar like the leather belt above, because the collar has a small contact area on the dog’s neck and can roll, so it is not easy to cause hair adhesion.
Defect: Also because of the small contact area, when you pull the dog hard, the dog will feel uncomfortable.
5.P chain
Advantages: P-chain is also called control collar. Like the name, it has a strong ability to control the dog. Wearing the P-chain will not make the dog feel depressed.
Defects: The P chain is relatively loose after being worn, and is only suitable for walking the dog, and cannot be used to leash the dog.
The advantage of a collar is its strong control. If the owner chooses a collar, the dog will be tamed very quickly, because the neck is the most sensitive place. A little effort can restrain the dog's behavior and help train them to be obedient.
The only "disadvantage" of the collar is that it is easy to damage the hair of the long-haired dog's neck when worn for a long time, so you should choose a good quality collar, such as leather or soft cotton, so that it has good air permeability and will cause much less damage to the hair. If you wear it for a long time, do not use plastic or other breathable materials, which will not only damage the hair, but also the skin.

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