What are the main types of pet leashes


1. The material of the collar is divided into leather, […]

1. The material of the collar is divided into leather, nylon, plastic, cotton and synthetic leather, etc. Leather collars made of cowhide have a long service life and are close to the dog’s skin. How much grease on the dog’s body will penetrate, and the leather will become Brightness, enhanced flexibility, toughness will increase, and the service life will be lengthened. However, small dogs do not have to use leather, generally traditional single-ring bell collars can also be used.
2. Chest harness Almost every type of harness will have a circle around the dog's chest, and there will be another circle in the front abdomen area behind the front legs. At the same time, the connection point of the leash is mostly close to the shoulder swelling on the back. The position of the center point of the back above the bone.
3. Harness The evolved version of the chest harness is often seen on medium and large dogs. The first is to add one between the two large circles and place it at the lower frame; the second is a chest strap with two frames on the top and bottom. Because of the additional brace of the chest strap, as long as the length is adjusted to fit the dog's body, it is almost impossible to break free. At the same time, when the parents are pulling the dog, the strength can be evenly distributed on the chest and abdomen.
4. Iron chain This kind of P-chain, also called "P-chain", can be worn according to the size of the dog. The most important thing to wear with the P-chain is the correct way of wearing it. If the person is on the right and the dog is on the left, the chain must be in the shape of "p" when wearing the dog, so that the direction of force is correct; if it is in the shape of "mouth", the direction is complete Wrong, as soon as you pull it, the dog’s neck will be tied to death, improper use, and even injury to the dog’s trachea. Of course, if the person is on the left and the dog is on the right, it must be worn backwards, in the shape of "q". In addition to the correct direction of the chain and the correct position of the dog, the household character chain should always pay attention to the lubricity of the chain, otherwise it is easy to hurt the dog. The main function of the P-shaped chain is not to make the dog painful. Its main point is "instant use". It must be used quickly and accurately. The main function is to pull the chain quickly to make it instantly tighten, which makes the dog feel uncomfortable. The moment you encounter a dog, you will stop, just like a battle between people with a sword. It is also because the use of the P word chain must be very careful, a little carelessness will hurt the dog. If the dog is timid or the relationship between human and dog has not been established, do not use it. Before using it, be sure to consult an expert, and at the same time put the P-chain on your own arm to practice several times, master the trick, and then use it on your dog.
5. The headcollar comes from the bridle of a horse, a dog chain that can better control the dog. The direction of the dog's movement is basically determined by the direction of the head. The headcollar accompanying belt controls the dog's behavior by changing the direction of the dog's head. It only needs gentle force to prevent the dog from flying forward. When wearing, pay attention to the position of the neck buckle should be at the base of the lower jaw, not the throat. At the beginning, the dog will be less comfortable with the rope on the nose, and it will improve quickly through slow training.

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