What are the matters needing attention when wearing a dog chain?


How to wear a dog leash, you must first understand the […]

How to wear a dog leash, you must first understand the structure of the dog leash. Generally, it is divided into a dog harness and a dog collar. When a dog is young, the bones are relatively soft and the joints are relatively fragile. At this time, you should choose a dog collar. If the pressure is too high, the dog's body size is likely to cause neck injuries, so a dog harness should be used. Let’s talk about how to bring the dog food chain.


1. Dog collar type dog leashes are generally best to use elastic and fixable types, such as leash type. You only need to adjust the buckle of the collar to a position that fits the dog’s neck a little lower, because the position below the dog’s neck It is relatively difficult to get injured. In addition, the stress points of the traction should be controlled around the dog collar, do not pull it vigorously. The dog collar is relatively easy to wear and the essentials are relatively simple.


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2. For dog leashes, choose the size of the gap between the two front legs of the harness. It is not easy to control the dog's movement if it is too large or too small. On the contrary, it will cause damage to the dog due to carelessness. After choosing the correct one, Put the two front legs of the dog into the strap-style dog leash and prepare for the first step.


3. After completing the second step of preparation, consider the tightness adjustment of the dog's back, that is, control whether the tightness of the final combined back buckle is reasonable. The adjustment method is similar to the schoolbag strap, and the strap can be moved through the square metal buckle. After adjusting the tightness properly Fasten the buckle on the back directly. In addition, it should be noted that the back buckles are generally located on both sides of the figure-eight strap dog chain. Careful observation will surely learn the skills quickly.

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