What are the pet supplies to prevent dog heatstroke in summer


Pet products-pet moisturizing products Summer is here, […]

Pet products-pet moisturizing products
Summer is here, it is very important to add enough water to maintain health. Even if you often stay in an air-conditioned room, it will be very dry. If you don't have time to take care of your dog during the struggle period, it is best to prepare a smart drinking fountain at home to encourage your pets to drink more water and let them rehydrate in time.

Pet supplies-cooling pet bed
Without air conditioning, it would be a torment for the dog on the balcony in summer. Therefore, some doghouses with a cooling effect are very important. Designed with special fabrics and functions to help pets stay cool while sleeping. There are several different types of designs, such as raised crib-type pet nests, or pet nests with cold gel pads.

Pet Products—Sun Protection Clothing
It is wrong to shave the dog's hair in order to be cooler. Although the dog's fur is thick and looks very hot, it is actually the best skin protection umbrella for dogs. Thick hair can block ultraviolet rays and scorching sunlight, protect the skin from damage, and at the same time have the effect of heat insulation. In fact, the fur of a dog has the effect of heat insulation for a dog, so a dog with a shaved hair is more prone to heatstroke and sunburn than a dog without a shaved hair. At this time, there is no need to wear a light pet sunscreen to protect the dog's skin.

In addition to these pet supplies, you must also be careful not to leave your dog in a stalled car. Even in cooler weather, the temperature inside the car will be much higher than the temperature outside the car, which will cause brain damage or even death to the dog.

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