What are the points should be paid attention to when taking a dog to exercise


Pet dogs are different from stray dogs and free-range d […]

Pet dogs are different from stray dogs and free-range dogs. They have a narrow living area. If they are kept at home, there is basically no space for them to exercise. Therefore, as the owner, you must take your dog out, so that they have enough exercise to maintain physical and mental health. However, there are some points in the movement that the owners must keep in mind.
1. Appropriate exercise every day. You can't just take it out several times a day at a time, and get busy to exercise once a few days. The amount of exercise should vary according to the dog's breed, age and different individuals. For example, the distance for small dogs to exercise every day is 3-4 kilometers, and for fast hounds, they should run about 16 kilometers a day. Because some small dogs over-exercise can affect the heart. And some small dogs, such as Taelies, Mini Pinschers, etc., are more lively and should increase the amount of exercise. Some hounds are best to let him run for more than 15 minutes a day.
2. Fasten the traction rope and bring enough clean drinking water. Do not fasten the traction rope too tightly or too loosely. If the traction rope is too tight, the dog will be uncomfortable and affect the breathing. Especially in urban streets, do not neglect to loosen the straps, there may be a car accident, or chase and fight with other dogs, especially to prevent biting pedestrians.
3. Under a safe ring mirror, you can give the dog some plastic toys to let it play and run freely. The hound can play some games such as throwing frisbee with the owner.
4. Change the route of exercise from time to time, and don't just follow the same fixed route every day. Don't get too close contact with other dogs to prevent infection of certain diseases.
5. For working dogs such as hunting dogs or police dogs, swimming in summer is a good whole-body exercise, which can make the dog physique well-proportioned.
6. After exercise, do not feed or bathe immediately. You can use a towel to dry the whole body to remove dust.
Dogs have a variety of sports, and the owner can do different exercises according to their own dog's personality to maintain a healthy body.

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