What are the types of dog collars


The collar is usually made of leather or nylon, and the […]

The collar is usually made of leather or nylon, and the shape is flat. You can adjust the collar like a belt. This kind of collar is also suitable for small and sensitive dogs, including puppies under one year old, and adult dogs will not feel uncomfortable walking with them.


The collar shouldn't be too much for dogs who are overconfident and unruly. At this time, you can choose a halter made of soft nylon mesh. The halter consists of two parts: a snare that can cover the nose and mouth, and a strap that is tied to the back of the nose. The purpose of this design is that when it suddenly runs forward, the snare on its nose and mouth will pull its head down and make it lose its balance. After a few somersaults, dog collar suppliers a dog that doesn't listen to orders dare not fight the chain that held it. This is a bit similar to the reins of a horse. The design principles of the two are the same: wherever the head goes, the body follows. This is for those who like to bark loudly when they walk, and who like to jump at other dogs or people suddenly. It is very effective for dogs who like to walk and look for things on the ground.

This bridle is very soft, but there will still be pressure and friction when worn on the head, and most dogs need several weeks to get used to it.

Sliding collar

Also called a choking collar, almost all dog trainers have always recommended this type of collar. Its principle is that as soon as the dog leash is pulled, the collar will be temporarily tightened, which will make the dog's neck feel oppressive, and at the same time, this collar will make a kind of jingle that dogs don't like. This is an effective way to correct the dog's wrong behavior.

The perception of this sliding collar has changed in recent years. Dog trainers still recommend using it for dogs that are unrestrained, unruly, or disobedient. Because sliding Xiangge may be the only thing that can make them care. But for most dogs, this kind of collar is not suitable, you can use a better way to help them learn. Besides, if used improperly, the sliding collar can easily damage the trachea. Sliding collars are very painful for dogs. A large number of dogs do not need them, and a large number of owners will not use them correctly.

Dog gear

The throat and trachea are still very fragile. Puppies under one year old are easily injured by the collar they wear, and the dog gear worn on the body is good for them. This kind of dog gear is usually made of nylon netting, which can wrap the dog's torso instead of the neck. Even if you pull the dog leash hard, this force will be evenly distributed over a relatively large area, which makes it more comfortable and safer than traditional collars. At the same time, because it supports the dog's back, it is also very convenient for dogs with spinal problems.

Night collar

It is already dark when many people get home from get off work, which makes walking the dog a bit dangerous. Pet supply stores sell a collar with a small light bulb. This shining collar makes the dog stand out in the dark to avoid being hit by a car.

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