What are the types of dog walking tools


1. Ordinary collar Ordinary collars have the advantages […]

1. Ordinary collar
Ordinary collars have the advantages of being easy to wear, easy to carry, and able to hang identification tags, and are also the choice of most small owners. If your dog is a well-accompanied dog, a normal collar is fine.
But if your dog likes rushing very much and pulls hard on the leash as soon as you go out, perhaps you should consider switching to a front buckle strap. For dogs who like to pull the collar, the collar is actually easy to slip off, and frequent, high-intensity pulling will also cause harm to the dog's health.
The neck of a dog is anatomically similar to that of a human, and it is not stronger. Studies have shown that the pressure of pulling the collar (including walking) is related to some diseases, such as glaucoma, hypothyroidism, forelimb nervous system dysfunction, etc., and it is suspected that it will increase the risk of cancer and cause behavior problems. A lot.
Therefore, although we and dogs have similar anatomical structures in the neck, dogs will not react the same as us when facing the same injury, so they are easily injured.
2. Training collar
The P-shaped chain, stimulus chain (claw ring), impact chain, and any control collar designed for mandatory training are the first options to be excluded. They are very dangerous for dogs.
The P-word chain is the P chain, which is named because it resembles the English letter P when formed into a circle. The regular trainers who are still using the P-chain at present, when correcting the dog's behavior, will control the intensity and pull once when the dog makes a mistake occasionally. The effect is only to prompt "you did a mistake."
The use of the P-word chain is not to punish the dog for causing the dog to suffer, or to think that the dog will remember that the pain will not be repeated next time. This is a completely wrong understanding. The trainer will try to create conditions for the dog to make the right choice and reward it frequently. The p-chain is just a reminder.
3. Strap
Now more and more poop shovel officers are starting to choose a harness for the dog, the main purpose is to make the dog more comfortable.
The harness does have many advantages. It not only can effectively prevent the dog from slipping off but also has even force. The key is to prevent pressure and damage to the trachea. This is very useful for dogs with the damaged trachea, coughing, and throat infections.
4. Towing rope
Needless to say more about holding the dog when you go out? Although our country does not have legal restrictions like Western countries, in China, "holding a dog" has become a civilized consensus to raise pets.
This is not only responsible for your own dog, but also responsible for the safety of others. You must know that not all people like dogs. There are always people who say: "My dog's personality is so good." But you don't know when you will encounter something or things that make him suddenly interested or scared. This is likely to make him suddenly uncontrollable and unexpected.

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