What do dogs pay attention to when wearing a collar


Dog collars were originally used to lead dogs, but with […]

Dog collars were originally used to lead dogs, but with the needs of people nowadays, dog collars are also made more and more beautiful, with a variety of fancy styles. When the owner uses the collar for the dog, he also needs to pay attention to several aspects. 1. According to the material of the collar

There are leather, nylon, and iron collars. Choose a collar of the right length for the dog according to the width of the dog's neck. After the collar is worn, the dog should be comfortable and not clamp the fur. Second, leave a gap in the collar

The collar should not be buckled too tightly, it should be easy to insert two fingers after buckling the collar. Remember to leave a two-finger-wide gap between the collar and the dog’s neck, otherwise the dog will be uncomfortable if it is too tight. 3. Precautions for puppies

The puppies should remove their collar when unattended to avoid being caught by other things and suffocating. Long-haired dogs are best not to wear a collar for a long time, so that the hair on the neck part is compacted and loses the original rich feeling and affects the beauty. Four, suitable for most dogs

The collar is suitable for most dogs. The dog’s neck is relatively weak. When you pull the leash closer, the collar can stimulate the dog’s neck to control the dog’s behavior. Five, wearing precautions

There is a certain degree of attention to the wearing of the collar. Don’t make the collar too tight. This will compress the dog’s rich hair or the dog’s trachea. Sometimes if it is naughty and forcefully pulls you forward, it is very likely. The trachea will be compressed.

Here are a few of the more common dog collars, and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different collars:

Leash-like leather dog collar

Advantages: It can be worn on the dog’s neck very convincingly, and the dog should also feel very comfortable. Disadvantages: Because the contact area with the dog’s neck is relatively large, for a dog with long hair that is easy to knot, if it causes the adhesion of the part of the dog’s neck. 2. Columnar leather dog collar

This kind of dog collar is equivalent to rolling the leather into a small tube, and then sewing it on, so that the dog collar becomes a small cylindrical shape. Advantages: Overcome the shortcomings of the leather collar like a leather belt above, because the collar has a small contact area on the dog’s neck and can be rolled, so it is not easy to cause hair adhesion. Disadvantages: Also because of the small contact area, when you pull the dog hard, the dog will feel uncomfortable. 3. Nylon dog collar

The material of this dog collar is nylon, and the price is usually cheaper than leather. Advantages: The material of nylon dog collars is relatively light, unlike leather and some are very heavy, it feels heavy when worn on the dog’s neck. The colors are bright and there are many beautiful styles. Another advantage is that it is easy to clean. Disadvantages: Because it is made of nylon, the dog is prone to static electricity when wearing it. And in order to strengthen the degree of firmness, it is usually made thicker. In addition, this kind of nylon is usually woven with thick nylon thread, which is easy to fuzz and hang. 4. Iron chain dog collar

Chain dog collars are basically used for large dogs, and some small dogs use this type of collar when competing, because the chain is so thin that it can be hidden in the dog’s hair, which is not obvious and does not affect the appearance. . Advantages: quite sturdy, very suitable for large dogs with large body size and great strength. It is not easy to cause knotting of the hair on the dog’s neck. The collar is very thin. For long-haired dogs, the collar is almost invisible and does not affect the original appearance of the dog. Disadvantages: It feels too strong to defend, not as cute as nylon or leather collars. If you don't pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to have rust stains and contaminate the dog's neck hair. 5. Fork hole belt buckle

After talking about the advantages and disadvantages of dog collars of various materials, I will especially mention the advantages and disadvantages of different belt buckles. Generally speaking, there are two kinds, one is fork-hole type and the other is plastic clip-like. Let's talk about the fork hole first. Advantages: Very sturdy, I highly recommend this kind of belt buckle for dogs with more strength. No matter how hard the dog is, it is impossible to break the collar. Disadvantages: Whether it is leather or nylon, it will be deformed after a long time in the punched part, and the metal loop of the nylon in the punched part will fall out after a period of time. Although it does not affect the use, but it is not very beautiful. 6. Plastic clip-style dog collar buckle

Many small dog collars use this kind of buckle, the color can match the color of the collar, it is very beautiful. Advantages: beautiful and very convenient to use, you can buckle it when you take the dog out every day. Disadvantages: Not sturdy, and there is a danger of breaking if the dog pulls hard. Not suitable for larger dogs. Dog collars have various patterns, colors and widths. A comfortable way to wear can add more fun to you and your dog. Dog collars should be comfortable...



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