What do you need to pay attention to when walking your dog in summer?


1. Walk the dog in the heat The temperature at noon and […]

1. Walk the dog in the heat
The temperature at noon and afternoon in summer is very high, and it is very harmful to the dog to take the dog out at this time. The heat is easy to burn the dog, and it is also easy to get involved. Therefore, it is best to walk the dog under conditions of appropriate average temperature, such as in the morning or at night. At this time, walking the dog not only allows the dog to exercise its body, vent its vitality, but also prevents the dog from getting involved.


2. Walk the dog on rainy days
There are many rainy days in summer, and many pet owners prefer to walk their dogs on rainy days, which is not good for dogs. In the rain, the dog is very easy to fall, and it is also very easy to become black, and feel too much pathogenic bacteria and parasites. It is recommended to avoid walking the dog on rainy days as much as possible. It can save the time of cleaning the puppy's body, and it will be more effective for the puppy's body. If it has been raining, you can let the puppy do some exercises in the yard to release vitality.


3. Walk the dog by bike
Many pet owners choose to ride a bicycle to walk their dog, which is convenient for themselves, but this is very easy to cause safety production accidents to the dog, and also causes the pet owner to stain himself or even endanger himself. Therefore, it is best to walk the dog naturally, which is more effective for the dog's body and can also improve the physical quality of the pet owner.


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4. Take the puppies who have just returned for a walk
When the puppy enters the house, the pet owner should not take it out immediately. After all, it didn't take long for the puppy to enter the house, and it was not suitable for the new geographical environment. In addition, the resistance of the milk dog is not strong, and it is very easy to be infected by bacteria when taken out immediately, and then get sick. For newly arrived dogs, it is recommended to let the dogs adapt first, and then take the dogs out for wandering after the pest control and vaccination, at least to ensure the dog's health.


5. Let the dog walk itself
Let the dog play downstairs alone. Although the pet owner can save costs and let the dog exercise, it is not safe for the dog, and it is very easy to fight with other animals and even be poisoned to death by others. Therefore, when walking the dog, you must still lead the dog. You can't give the dog too much carelessly. After all, you don't want to see the dog cause all accidents.


6. Walk the dog on the asphalt road
The average temperature in summer is very high. In addition, after the bitumen pavement is exposed in the heat, the temperature has long been very high. Therefore, if the pet owner walks the dog on the asphalt road, it is very easy to burn the dog's paw. Therefore, it is recommended that pet owners choose to walk their dogs in areas that are not too hot to prevent scalding their paws. And after walking the dog, you should immediately remove the dog's paws clean and tidy.

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