What harm can be caused by improper use of dog collars


The dog’s neck is a relatively weak place. When you pul […]

The dog’s neck is a relatively weak place. When you pull the collar closer, the stimulus to the dog’s neck can well control the dog’s behavior. However, improper use of the collar has a great hidden danger, which will endanger the life and safety of the dog.

1. Cause the dog to breathe

If the dog’s collar is tightly fastened, the dog’s trachea will be compressed, causing poor breathing. If the dog is more naughty and pulls you forward, it will further oppress the trachea, which is prone to danger. If the dog runs around with a collar, accidentally caught by other things, it may also cause suffocation.

2. Affect blood transport

Dog collars should not be worn for a long time. Dogs have arteries and veins in their necks. Long-term wearing will affect blood circulation, cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, slow cell metabolism, and damage the dog's body functions.

3. Cause muscle strain

When the owner pulls the rope, pulling the dog’s neck will also involve the muscles and ligaments on the dog’s neck. Frequent pulling like this will cause the muscles and ligaments to become overworked and tense. Muscle strain.

4. Cause spinal injury

Frequent pulling of the dog’s neck and moving the dog in the opposite direction will also put a lot of pressure on the spine, which may cause herniated disc, and the dog’s spinal nerve will pass through the middle of the spine. If you use too much force Otherwise, the spine will be misaligned and the dog’s nerves will also be damaged.

5. Cause damage to skin and hair

There are leather, nylon, and iron collars. Some dogs are allergic to the material of the collar, and may suffer from hair loss and itching. Some collars are too thick, too heavy, too hard, and often rub against the neck, which may cause the dog's neck skin to wear and tear, resulting in subcutaneous bruises and other problems. Some long-haired dogs, wearing collars all the time, can also cause the hair on the neck to be compacted, losing the original feeling of richness, and affecting the beauty.

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