What is the role of a dog leash and how to choose a traction leash


The towing rope can effectively prevent dogs from getti […]

The towing rope can effectively prevent dogs from getting lost, eating and touching, and it can also prevent the surrounding pedestrians from being "intimidated". How to choose a towing rope?

Traction ropes are generally divided into collars and chest straps. Some puppies, because their bodies grow fast, are not suitable for using a chest harness, which will affect the bone growth of the dog due to the size and shape of the dog.

Regarding the collar, for some puppies, you can choose the P chain (the P chain is the P word chain, when the chain is looped, it is like the English P word), and the degree of slack is adjusted according to the parent's traction state, so there is a certain way to pay attention to the method of use. Parents need to study it carefully.

However, wearing a collar for a long time, especially in a band shape, may rub the dog’s neck hair, and will strangle the neck under a sudden impact and damage the dog’s trachea. Therefore, I suggest that, except for some violent dogs, try to choose a chest harness according to the size of the dog. The size is probably controlled after wearing it, and it is almost the same as the width of the fingers can be stretched freely.

The traction rope is generally divided into leather, nylon and steel wire in terms of material. Because of its ductility, leather is more comfortable than other materials, but it is more cumbersome to maintain. Nylon material has various styles, but it is not bite resistant and prone to static electricity; steel wire is heavier and has a poorer comfort.

If you have two dogs in your home, you can also choose "one for two traction", so you don't have to worry, the dog with one hand is facing east and the dog with one hand is facing west.

Before using the leash to take the dog out for the first time, you must give the dog adaptive training. First, wear a loose strap to let the dog feel the feeling of wearing, and then buckle the rope after getting used to it.

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