What kinds of dog chains are there?


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Nylon or cotton dog chain

They have many advantages: light weight, easy to fold, easy to store, cheap, but people who hold them will feel uncomfortable. The nylon chain is too slippery and the cotton chain smells too unpleasant to burn.

Leather dog chain

Many people love and hate leather dog chains. Leather dog leashes are heavy and smelly. Once they get wet, they dry very slowly, and the price is three to four times that of nylon dog leashes. However, many people still choose leather dog leashes. It feels good.

Retractable dog chain

People don't like dog chains because it restricts the dog's ability to run and search. The retractable dog chain solves this problem. The length of the retractable dog chain is changed from 5 meters to 10 meters. You can extend it in a spacious place, or you can quickly shorten the chain to pull your dog back. People usually like retractable dog leashes, but the price of comfort is expensive. Another disadvantage of the retractable dog chain is that it has a thick plastic handle, which is difficult to grasp and uncomfortable to hold.

Another problem with retractable dog leashes has nothing to do with the dog and its owner, but with the people around it. Because the chain is very thin, many people will accidentally walk between the dog and the owner and get caught.

Special dog leash

Manufacturers have produced an amazing kind of pet utensils to meet various special needs. For example, for people with upper limb arthritis, it is difficult to hold the dog leash by hand. In response to this, someone invented a dog leash that can be wrapped around the waist so that the hands are free. For another example, for those dogs suffering from arthritis or hip disease, another dog leash was invented, which can gently lift the back of the dog while walking, thereby reducing the dog's burden.


If you want to take two or three dogs for a walk at the same time, but don't want to hold several chains in your hand, then you need a connector. The connector has two ends, one end is connected to the dog chain, and the other end has many clips, which can be used to hook many collars. The connector is very convenient to use, and it is much cheaper than buying several dog chains, but the end of the connector near the collar is often not long enough, so that the dogs will squeeze each other together, which is not easy to control.

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