What should I do if the dog does not want to bring the dog leash?


Some dogs are used to them, and the owner never wears a […]

Some dogs are used to them, and the owner never wears a dog leash when taking them out. But when the owner discovered the importance of the dog leash, he found that his dog was cooperative at all and would refuse to wear the dog leash. But generally speaking, with a little practice, we can smoothly put on the leash for the dog.

Some dogs are reluctant to wear a dog leash because they are nervous and unaccustomed. Usually they are dressed lightly, and suddenly wanting them to wear these things will definitely be a bit unaccustomed. So before wearing it, comfort the dog and let them stabilize their emotions, and then help them to wear it. When the dog is just wearing it, it may be unaccustomed to always bite and pull the dog leash. This is normal. After getting used to them, such problems will gradually improve.

The dog leash should be worn in front of the door so that the dog knows that it is time to go out and play. If they just don't cooperate, then turn around and walk back, put the dog leash on the table, and then leave the dog alone. Even if it is bothering us to make a noise, don't ignore it. After a few minutes or so, test again, and repeat the process if you don't want to. If the dogs become cooperative, they can be worn while petting and praise them, saying: "good" until they are completely worn.

This exercise may have to be repeated several times to deepen the image of the dog. But if the dogs are smart and understand our intentions in a while, then there is no need to deliberately neglect them.

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