What should I do if the dog is reluctant to go home after going out?


All pet owners who have raised golden retriever dogs kn […]

All pet owners who have raised golden retriever dogs know that golden retriever dogs love to play very much, so be sure to come out for exercise every day. But in most cases, Golden Retriever dogs generally do not want to go home after a walk. How can the owner pull it up? What if the Golden Retriever dog is very opinionated and unwilling to go home? It is impossible to carry it back. Why not try these six small ways for the pet owner and let it go home with you honestly.

The first thing to know is why the Golden Retriever is not willing to go home:
1. Insufficient play
All dogs love running and having fun outdoors. If they don't have enough time outside, they love to have fun. Of course, dogs don't easily miss home, especially those who are naughty like golden retrievers.

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2. Uncertainty of the time line of walking a cat and a dog
Some hosts have never fixed a fixed time and route to walk their cats and dogs, and Golden Retriever dogs will not have the stimulus of going home at a fixed fixed time, so it is difficult to go home with the host.

3. Too boring to go home
Golden Retriever is a kind of dog with a unique passion and loves to play. His host family cannot spend most of their time working with them, so they are afraid of being alone. When the Golden Retriever comes out, they will meet many people and dogs. This kind of excitement makes them retro, and of course they don't want to go home.

4. There is a favorite dog outside
If your Golden Retriever dog likes to go out very much, another reason may be that his favorite dog is outside. Because if it plays with its best friends, of course it won’t be easy to love going home. Especially male golden retrievers who are in estrus are also reluctant to go home.

So how do you let the Golden Retriever go home with you:
First, let the dog calm down first
In the case of walking cats and dogs every day, Golden Retrievers mainly show excitement, and even go out very early. At this time, the host should pay attention to the mentality of the golden retriever dog. If it is very excited, let it calm down first, and then bring it out.

Second, take the same route every day
Golden Retriever dogs are born with curiosity and love to explore new things. If the pet owner takes him for a walk on a different route every time, he will be very curious about the areas he has never been to. Therefore, he does not want to go home. Therefore, the host’s family should take the same route every day.

Third, go to the toilet in a fixed area
When walking a cat or dog with a golden retriever, it is best to send it to a fixed area to go to the toilet, so that once the golden retriever reaches a certain part, it will actively deal with the problem of going to the toilet, and the owner can still It is easy to remove, not easy to waste time.

Fourth, you don’t have to go to crowded places
If you take the Golden Retriever out to walk the cat and the dog, you don’t have to go to the crowded area, because the gentle and handsome dog like the Golden Retriever is likely to be touched by others all the time, and the Golden Retriever enjoys being touched by others. Unwilling to go, this may delay the time of walking the cat and the dog.

Fifth, take the dog leash when walking the cat and the dog
Golden Retriever dogs will play frantically as soon as they go out and often run with their owner. To cope with this kind of situation, the host must hold the rope, use the rope to manipulate the dog, and mainly show the energy of manipulation.

Sixth, feed something after going home
After walking the golden retriever home, you can feed it some food, so that it knows that it will have something to eat when it comes home on time after going out, so that the puppy will actively go home with you every time.

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