What should you pay attention to when taking a dog out on an outing?


Hope, hope, the foundation of the epidemic has been man […]

Hope, hope, the foundation of the epidemic has been manipulated, and the temperature is slowly warming up. In this bright spring time, the Lord will finally be able to take the dogs out for an "outing"!

However, if you take your dog out for fun, you should pay attention to these aspects!

1. Deworming! Deworming!
During the epidemic period, do dogs have to be dewormed without going out? Naturally!
Although the dogs stay at home, they are not living in a natural environment for sterility testing. There are still germs, virus infections and parasite eggs in the indoor air.

Dogs love to use their noses and mouths to recognize the surrounding information content. They will lick shoes, clothing, roads, and furniture. All of these items contain pathogenic bacteria, and there is a risk of schizocephala.

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2. Put on the traction belt.
Spring is the time when spring returns to the earth, and the little animals have just begun to get restless.

Take your dog out (especially the dog that has not been sterilized), and always pay attention to it. If you are not careful, it will have to look for "feelings".

3. Pay attention to keep warm.
Although the temperature has already warmed up, the cat slaves still cannot release the pressure, especially the dogs who are more afraid of the cold and have been wrapped in cotton clothes in winter.

Take the dog out to be happy, and take measures to prevent the dog from getting a fever and cold!

4. Pay attention to disinfection and sterilization safety protection!
Although the epidemic situation has long been stable, when the owner takes the dog out, he still has to choose a place with few people. When going out, he must tighten the dog leash to prevent others. The dog's excrement is collected and removed immediately.

After returning home, disinfect and sterilize the dog's four paws and the whole body (without the eyes), and disinfect and sterilize the dog leash and muzzle.

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