What to do if the dog doesn't eat


Dogs are our best friend of mankind. As a shit shovel o […]

Dogs are our best friend of mankind. As a shit shovel officer, no matter how hard you work, I never get tired of it. But suddenly one day, what if you find that dogs don’t eat? As animals, they can’t speak. We have no way of knowing their minds. In fact, generally speaking, it is nothing more than being sick, or starting to picky because of too many snacks, or it is seeking the attention of the owner in a certain way.
1. It is seeking the attention of the owner
In front of the owner, in fact, many times a dog is like a child, with a child-like temperament. When we were young, in order to make our parents pay attention to us, we would deliberately damage toys, cry and so on. For dogs, because of the way we get along with dogs in the past. Let the dog mistakenly think that when it is not eating, we will immediately come to its side, touch and hug it. We might as well try to show love to it. If it starts eating afterwards, it means this is indeed the case. Therefore, how to deal with the problem of dogs without food, sometimes should be considered from a psychological perspective.
2. There are too many snacks and gluttonous small mouths
Many times we will go out and buy some snacks for the dog to eat. The consequence of this care is often that the dog’s mouth becomes more and more greedy, and eventually it will become picky. The most important thing for dogs to eat is dog food. If you eat snacks for a long time, it may destroy the gastrointestinal function. So if it is really because of snacks, if you occasionally see that the dog does not give snacks, he will not eat, or if he eats very little. Don't just be soft-hearted. After a period of time, you will find what to do if the dog does not eat? It is no longer a problem that puzzles you.
3. Dogs, like humans, don’t want to eat when they’re unwell.
Generally, if you find that your dog doesn't like to move, and doesn't eat. There are countless answers as to what to do if a dog does not eat. But please don't forget one point. Is the dog sick? The first thing to look at is to see if the dog is showing up, vomiting, fever, etc. Because we are not a doctor, it is recommended to take the dog to the vet to see if it is determined to be sick, and then perform the corresponding treatment. And the subsequent treatment must not keep up in time. After a period of treatment, often that cute little guy will appear next to you again!
In addition to the above aspects, in our daily life, we often take our dogs to run outdoors. In the future, if we encounter a confusion similar to that, what should a dog do if he doesn't eat? In fact, as long as you carefully observe its behavior and habits and compare the current state, you should be able to draw a conclusion.

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