What to do if the dog is unwilling to bring the leash


Dogs are reluctant to bring leashes, but it is a proble […]

Dogs are reluctant to bring leashes, but it is a problem, because scientific civilization and petting must cultivate dogs to get used to leashes. It is best to bring leashes to pet dogs when going out to walk, so as to prevent dogs from running around To keep dogs within their controllable periphery, and avoid unnecessary accidents. So, what if the dog is really unwilling to bring the leash?

First of all, you should slowly cultivate the habit of wearing a collar when the puppies go home. Usually, you can buy some collars suitable for dogs, so that they can slowly feel the feeling of wearing collars. When a dog is used to wearing a collar, you can attach a leash to it and pull it when going out. It also allows the dog to get used to being pulled by people.


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Of course, if the dog is not willing to wear the leash, the owner should not force the dog too hard, and should give it more time to slowly adapt to wearing the leash. The best way is to train the dog to wear a collar when he is young, so that when the dog grows up, he will slowly get used to the leash.

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