Why do dogs need to bring a leash when they go out? What is the effect?


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Before going out, everyone wears collars and leashes for dogs, not because the dogs are ignorant. Leashes and collars, in addition to ensuring that the dog will not disappear or be stolen in the themed activities allowed by the parents, can also ensure the safety of the dog when crossing the road. What's more, there is no support for these. For pets and even neighbors who are worried about dogs, this measure can give him a sense of belonging.

If the dog goes out without wearing a leash, it is likely to cause adverse effects
1. The dog was accidentally hit by a car
Dogs are happy to jump freely in residential quarters or street communities in big cities, ecological parks, but do you know that in the whole process of having fun at will, there are many unexpected things that happen: dogs are very likely Suddenly pedestrians are crossing the road and passing through several cars. There may be the risk of the dog being hit, and the cost of life-long disability and even life is invested. There are also dogs crossing the road themselves, and the owner of the dog suffers when chasing the dog. Vicious incidents of car collisions also occur frequently.

2. The dog disappeared due to excessive fright
The dog is likely to leave the owner's field of vision in a casual run, and lose himself in the run. Even very clever dogs can also have this kind of situation, such as the sound of firecrackers on festivals or emergencies, causing the dog to be suddenly frightened and disappearing with the owner.....

3. The dog was attracted by a friend of the opposite sex and ran away
The pet dog is attracted by the wandering dog or the dog in estrus, and the crazy money is invested in it and does not listen to the owner's call, and the owner can't catch up...

4. The dog is likely to have an unexpected pregnancy
My own dog originally didn’t want her to be pregnant, but she had fun in the residential area for a while, and was given to her by an unknown dog.....

5. Dogs pick and eat randomly, causing illness
Dogs eat waste or spoiled food on the side of the road while the owner is not paying attention, eat bad belly and eat bad stomach, and even eat harmful food that illegal people deliberately thrown on the side of the road, leading to the death of the dog. Incidents often occur in residential communities.

6. Dogs are susceptible to being bitten by ticks, etc., which can spread disease to people
Dogs voluntarily go to the lush lawn to have fun, and are susceptible to ticks or lice, etc., so they take them home and spread them to people.

7. Dogs smell and lick cause infectious diseases
Uncontrolled dogs smell the urine of other dogs and are very susceptible to infections such as subtle, canine plague and other diseases or bacteria. In addition, dogs can destroy public or other property by peeing casually.

8. Fight with other dogs, and you have to see a pet doctor if you are injured or convicted
In the spring season, when pet dogs encounter other dogs, fights and fights often occur due to the city or the estrus period. Dogs who are not tied to the leash are often asked to look at the dogs because of the fights and fights. Cases of spondylolisthesis, trauma, and bone fracture. This is also very easy to cause disputes among small pet owners.

9. Dogs cannot control biting others, endangering the harmony of the neighborhood
Dog Wang Qing Sa Huan'er does not pay much attention to the neighbors who are afraid of dogs, and is very easy to be frightened to children or the elderly. What's more serious is that if you bite someone, you will not only have the risk of spreading rabies virus and tetanus injection, but you will also bear criminal and civil obligations.

10. If a dog is stolen, you can lose it
Without you paying attention, it is a terrible thing for the person who stolen your pet dog. Many pet dogs come to the dinner table because of the theft.

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