Comfortable multipurpose Outdoor dog leashes luminous single pull

Comfortable multipurpose Outdoor dog leashes luminous single pull

• PROVIDES SAFETY FOR YOUR PET -- This heavy duty seat belt will provide your dog or puppy with a safe and comfortable journey in your car. No need to put your pooch in the boot of the car, you can now strap them in with the rest of the family.
• FITS MOST SIZES -- This sturdy pet seat belt is easily adjustable, allowing it to fit most size dogs or puppies easily.
• COMFORTABLE -- Your dog’s comfort means a lot to us, and this seat belt will ensure your pet enjoys its car journey. The nylon fabric has smooth surfaces which will harness your pet without causing any abrasion or chaffing.
• WASHABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN -- Pet products can pick up odour after prolonged use. For Zenify’s heavy duty dog seat belt, this isn’t a problem as the breathable material is machine washable.

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You can use the heavy duty dog seat belt to:

✓ secure your dog to the front or back seat of your car.
✓ ensure the safety of your pet whilst they ride in your car.
✓ provide a safe environment for the driver and passengers of the car.
✓ provide your pet with the care it deserves, even during lengthy road trips.

Product Features:

★ Highly durable nylon fabric
★ Smooth and comfortable against your pet’s fur
★ Adjustable length to suit dogs of various sizes
★ Nylon material ensures maximum comfort for your dog
★ Machine washable
★ Great gift idea accessory for pet owners



Inner package

Outer package


Net weight / Gross weight

Material: nylon, reflective silk
Accessories: safety plug, hook
Length: 50-80cm
Weight: 80g
Color: Blue, Black, Red, Rose Red





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