Dog Leash Coupler No Tangle Double Dog Dual Adjustable Splitter Lead Trainer Leash for Two Dogs

Dog Leash Coupler No Tangle Double Dog Dual Adjustable Splitter Lead Trainer Leash for Two Dogs

• FOR TWO DOGS - Just attach one leash to the extra strength coupler or splitter and you can walk and control 2 dogs at once while maintaining safe control over both! Free up one of your hands and control both dogs with one leash. Life is easy.
• NO TANGLE FREE FEATURE - Enjoy the peace of mind of our tangle-free 360° swivel leash attachment. You will never have to worry about getting twisted leashes while walking 2 dogs, allowing your dogs to move freely around you.
• ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - Choose from the regular 11-20inch or extra long 16-28inch sizes, so you can walk two different size dogs easily. The adjustable straps can be individually shortened or lengthened to accommodate different sized dogs even on the same coupler.
• DURABLE AND STURDY - Made to ensure the safety of your dogs.Extremely durable 1" nylon won't stretch or break will not rot or mildew. Works with all dog collars.

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Product Features:

100% Quality - Made from super strong nylon. All stress points and loops are triple reinforced. Premium stainless steel rings, swivels and connectors. This leash will take a beating day after day and hold up under the most extreme conditions. Cleans up easily with mild soap and water.

Features a reflective band that will make you and your dogs visible to drivers during your nighttime walks.

Integrated Bungee - The tethers are integrated with super flexible, shock absorbing, bungee enclosed in the nylon. This feature is unique to these leashes and gives your dogs a gentle reminder that they are reaching the end of their rope, so to speak. This can be helpful in training your dog's when it's time to stop pulling.

No Tangles - The interface between the upper and lower tethers is stainless steel, double ringed swivel to help keep the lower tethers separate and prevent tangles.

Weather Resistant - Stands up to the most extreme weather and with minimal care will last a lifetime.





Pet reflective telescopic double head




Dark gray 2.5*50cm Adjustment range 50-85cm




Simple package


Dark gray,Light gray

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