Hot Selling Custom Adjustable Outdoor Travel Pet Dogs Car Safety Seat Belt Leash

Hot Selling Custom Adjustable Outdoor Travel Pet Dogs Car Safety Seat Belt Leash

• PET SAFE IN TRAVEL - your pets is safely restrained to the seat while they lookout to other auto, they can also comfortably sit, stand or lie down without jumping
• REDUCE DRIVER DISTRACTION - Keeps entire family safe, enjoy comfortable and relax journey again with your buddy. One of must-have accessories that keeps family stay true safe.
• CRASH TESTED NYLON - High quality extreme durable nylon fabric material attach with enhanced penta layer sewing provides durability, safety, and comfort.
• UNIVERSAL FIT - Designed to be compatible with most vehicles. The tab on the seatbelt clip is 2cm that works with most seat belt buckle. one size fits small to large dog and cat. Adjustable belt strap, 20-32 inches length.
• EASY TO USE - Snap on and release in seconds like normal car seat belt, guarantees and allows a quick-release. Recommend to use with harness - this seat belt leash will lead strong force to regular collar in a crash, a harness can provide extra safety to your buddy

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Give your pet the freedom to sit, lay down or stand freely without endangering the driver with distractions.

  • USA Industrial Level Construction
  • Upgraded high quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, compared with our old version.
  • Solid zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles to guarantee extra durability.
  • Designed in California

Package contents: 2 x Friends Forever Adjustable Pet Seatbelt Harness Clip. 



Inner package

Outer package


Net weight / Gross weight

Material: nylon, reflective silk
Accessories: safety plug, hook
Length: 50-80cm
Weight: 80g
Color: blue, black, red, rose red





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