Pugga Pets Adjustable Reflective Webbing Dog Car Safe Seat Belt with Elastic Bungee GG1501C

Pugga Pets Adjustable Reflective Webbing Dog Car Safe Seat Belt with Elastic Bungee GG1501C

• PROVIDES SAFETY FOR YOUR PET -- This heavy duty seat belt will provide your dog or puppy with a safe and comfortable journey in your car.
• FITS MOST SIZES -- This sturdy pet seat belt is easily adjustable, allowing it to fit most size dogs or puppies easily.
• COMFORTABLE -- Your dog’s comfort means a lot to us, and this seat belt will ensure your pet enjoys its car journey. The nylon fabric has smooth surfaces which will harness your pet without causing any abrasion or chaffing.
• WASHABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN -- Pet products can pick up odour after prolonged use. For Zenify’s heavy duty dog seat belt, this isn’t a problem as the breathable material is machine washable. Throw it in the washing machine to freshen it up instantly!

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Product features
Car safety buckle: The car safety buckle on this leash is fixed at 3 inches from the hand holding, only a small range of movement. The advantage of fixing is: First, it shortens the distance as the car seat belt, no need to adjust its length again. Secondly, it is convenient for the owner to hold the end of the leash, which will not hinder the owner. finally, it will ensure the safety of the pet.
Flexible shock absorbing design: A part of this leash is designed to be elastically shock-absorbing. It has the advantage of preventing the owner from falling over due to the sudden overshoot of the pet, which can be a good buffer. And control to relieve the pressure on the owner and pet.
Reflective Stripes: This leash features three reflective stripes that provide a good view at night, making it safer for you and your pet at night.

Other functions
Adjustment: You can adjust the length of the leash yourself, its adjustable range is 3-4 inches.
D-ring: It can be used to hang out bowls or poop bags.
Nylon Fabric: Nylon fabric is durable and resistant to wear.
Carabiner: Carabiner can be rotated 360° and will not be easily entangled.
Great for walking, running and training
The length of this leash is 3-4 inches. You can adjust the length yourself. The elastic function will also work during use. Therefore, your dog can enjoy freedom and control. It is very suitable for walking, running and training.



Inner package

Outer package


Net weight / Gross weight

Material: nylon, reflective silk, black border
Accessories: safety plug, hook
Length: 50-80cm
Weight: 80g
Color: blue, black, red, rose red





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