Travel Plastic Foldable Leak Filter Pet Dog Leash Hanging Cat Drinking Water Bottles Dispenser

Travel Plastic Foldable Leak Filter Pet Dog Leash Hanging Cat Drinking Water Bottles Dispenser

【Portable, Collapsible, Lightweight】The foldable dog water cup saves space and is easy to carry, you can fold it into a mini dog travel cup. Compact size make sure you can put it in your bag easily, or make it hang on the wrist by the attached strap conveniently.
【No Water Leakage】The sealed silicone gasket inside the cover helps to ensure that there is no water leakage, you also don't need to worry about getting your travel pack wet.
【Durable & Safe】Made of 100% high quality food grade silicone and plastic, BPA-free, lead-free, high temperature resistant, food grade ABS trough, 100% healthy for your pet.
【Practical Large Capacity】12oz/350ml capacity, enough for outdoor walking, hiking and traveling. Your furry puppies can enjoy safe, fresh, and healthy water at any time and anywhere.
【Wide Sink】This cat and dog travel cup bowl has a large slot of 82mm, This ensures that your pet can drink water easily and quickly. Suitable for Cat, Rabbit, Puppy and Other Animals.

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Foldable, Portable & Lightweighten
This product can provide water storage and drinking for your pets. By flipping the ABS plastic housing, it will turn into a bowl that cats and dogs can use to drink water and eat. The foldable design saves more space and the big trough design makes it easier for your pet to drink water.

1.Turn the lock key to the right, UNLOCK, Press the water key to fill trough with water. Release the WATER KEY to stop the water.
2.Keep it vertical and press the water key to return the remaining water to the auto dog mug.
3.Finish feeding, turn the LOCK KEY to lock water, keep the dog water cup out of leakage.

Model: GG-3004
Material: ABS+PET
Filiter: Optional
Weight: 163g/222g
Carton Size: 48.5*44.5*43/75pcs

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